3 Potential Dental Treatments Needed When A Paramolar Is Present

Posted on: 7 June 2016

Paramolars are rare spare molars that grow alongside the traditional row of molars. The paramolars tend to be much smaller than the other molars but the small size doesn't mean the extra tooth can't cause some major problems. There are some potential dental care treatments that might be needed when a paramolar is present and causing problems for your other teeth.

Braces to Treat Crowding

Teeth grow into proper position following the path of the shed baby teeth. If there is a problem as adult teeth erupt, such as the presence of an extra tooth that gets in the way of other teeth erupting, an issue called crowding can arise.

Crowding occurs when erupting teeth start to cross over each other due to a lack of space. The result can cause bite issues and self-confidence issues due to the uneven look of the crowded teeth. Crowding can be treated with orthodontics but your dentist will want to remove the paramolar first to ensure the other teeth will have enough room to move into proper position.

Depending on your case, it is possible that the dentist can use clear braces rather than metal braces. The clear braces might require more office visits to be fitted with more progressive orthodontics trays but the clear braces are often preferred in adult patients who don't want a mouth of metal.

Dental Crowns to Fix Shape Issues  

The paramolar can also cause neighboring teeth to grow in misshapen due to the size constraints. If you have a tooth or teeth that are the wrong shape or undersized, your cosmetic dentistry office can treat the problem with some simple dental crowns.

Dental crowns are porcelain or porcelain backed with metal and cover the entire outside of the misshapen or undersized tooth. The crown changes the shape while maintaining the health of the tooth inside. Crowns are ideal when the tooth doesn't have significant decay or trauma damage but simply needs a new appearance.

Dental Extraction and Implant for Severe Damaged Tooth

The crowding can cause out of place teeth to become more vulnerable to damage. If you have a severely damaged tooth due to the crowding, your dentist might also want to remove that tooth along with the paramolar. But the spot for the extracted tooth can't simply be left open or crowding could occur again as neighboring teeth shift into the hole. So your dentist will recommend a dental replacement such as a dental implant.

Dental implants are costlier but also offer one of the most natural looking and feeling dental replacement options out there. The implant requires the implantation of a metal root into the jawbone, which will fuse the root into place, which isn't a slow treatment process. But the end result is worth the longer treatment time. Visit http://www.neufamilydental.com for more information.