How Transforming Your Teeth Transforms Your Career

Posted on: 21 November 2016

Here in the U.S., your appearance is everything in the acting world. If you are heavy, misshapen or have an awful smile, you are less likely to be cast in the roles you want. Worse still, you cannot present a nice head shot to directors and producers if your smile looks like you just crawled out of the backwoods of some southern state. Here is how a family dentist can transform your teeth, and how your nicer teeth transforms your acting career.

The Hollywood Look

Some character actors can get away with having horrible teeth. It helps get them roles that some leading women and men may not want. However, if you are an otherwise reasonably attractive person, you do not want your teeth to be the reason you cannot get amazing roles. A family dentist that performs cosmetic dentistry can turn your imperfect smile into Hollywood glamour, if you are ready and willing to pay for it.

Procedures That Transform Your Smile Immediately

Teeth whitening is a good place to start. It cleans your teeth and makes them the brightest white they can be, which is ideal if you face any close-ups on camera. Veneers are another popular procedure that many actors and actresses choose to have done. These fake dental overlays adhere to the fronts of your teeth, making them appear absolutely perfect in shape, form and color. The veneers also provide you with some dental protection against decay, and added benefit to such an investment. Finally, for those teeth that are the absolute worst, your dentist can crown or cap them to finish off that newly-perfect smile.

Transforming Your Smile to Transform Your Career

A whiter smile makes you appear younger, something which is appealing to directors and producers. Yellowed, stained and decaying teeth make you look older than you are, and then the directors and producers do not want to cast you in roles that would otherwise be appropriate for your age. Severely damaged teeth not only make bad publicity photos, but it makes your co-stars shrink away from you.

So, if you invest in cosmetic procedures provided by your dentist, you can transform your smile and career in these ways:

  • Your head shots are flawless and beautiful, with a smile that gets you noticed and gets you auditions.
  • You can audition for better roles, play the romantic leads, and even play roles slightly younger than yourself because your teeth do not reveal your age.

Better looks equals better parts and bigger money, period. For more information, talk to a professional like