2 Prosthodontic Treatment Options For A First Premolar With A Frontal Chip

Posted on: 5 January 2017

The first premolar tooth starts the grinding down of food that finishes with the rear molars so you can swallow safe, small pieces of food. A first premolar with a chip on the front or outward face of the tooth can cause you difficulties in chewing and grinding while causing discomfort and cosmetic concerns.

There are a few different prosthodontic or cosmetic dentistry techniques that can correct a first premolar with frontal chipping. The right treatment will depend on the severity of the chip. Discuss your specific case with your general, family, or cosmetic dentistry specialist.

Mild Frontal Chip: Resin Dental Bond

Does the first premolar have a small chip on the front of the tooth? The dentist can correct the problem easily and cheaply with a resin dental bond, which involves one office visit and the use of a clay-like resin that has natural adhesion properties.

Many prosthodontic treatments require the dentist to use a dental cement, which can't adhere to the slick surface of a natural tooth. The dentist will then have to shave the front of the tooth to create texture that can allow the cement to adhere. The shaving removes enamel from the natural tooth, which means the piece can't be removed at a later date and left off since the tooth front is now naked and exposed.

Resin bonds can prevent that entire process because there's no need for cement or shaving. The dentist can remove the bond later with no damage to the tooth. So if budget and time are a factor now, you can receive a bond and change your mind to another treatment at a later date.

Moderate to Severe Frontal Chip: Porcelain Dental Bond

Resin bonds are great at treating small chips but don't provide the dentist with a lot of precision due to the on-tooth molding. If your first premolar has a moderate to severe chip on the front of the tooth, the dentist will need to go with a prosthodontic piece made in a lab off of a mold of the damaged tooth.

A lab-crafted porcelain veneer can cover a moderate to severe frontal chip with the precision missing from the resin bond. The veneer will require the cementing and shaving process, but this simply means that you will need to replace the veneer with a veneer or crown if it should fail or become damaged.

The porcelain material has a natural tooth color and translucency that can further enhance the look of your damaged premolar.

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