4 Ways To Get Rid Of Discoloration On Teeth

Posted on: 27 October 2017

Sometimes teeth remain discolored no matter how much time is spent on brushing them. The problem can be the result of several things, such as naturally becoming discolored from old age. Just because you have been unable to whiten your teeth, it doesn't mean that it isn't possible to be done. Seeking help from a professional might be the resolution to the problem, as there are several ways to achieve satisfactory results. Browse this article to discover how a dentist might go about whitening discolored teeth.

1. Clean Your Teeth in a Thorough Manner

A portion of the discoloration on your teeth might be due to the presence of plaque. Before attempting any whitening methods, a dentist might want to thoroughly clean your teeth to get rid of the plaque. If the plaque has been on your teeth for a long time and turned into tartar, the dentist can use the scaling method. Scaling teeth basically consists of the dentist using a tool to scrape the tartar off.

2. Produce Fast Results by Using a Laser

A fast way to obtain teeth whitening results is for a laser to be used on your teeth. If you opt for the laser method, a dentist will have to apply a potent fluoride gel to your teeth. He or she will then use the laser to make the gel even more potent. Basically, the laser causes the active ingredients in the gel to activate faster than they normally would.

3. Try Whitening Methods That Can Be Done at Home

If you want to attempt whitening your teeth at home again, satisfactory result might be seen with guidance from a dentist. For example, he or she can give you access to potent toothpaste in the form of a prescription. You will then be instructed on how often you should brush your teeth to obtain the results that you want. You can also be prescribed trays that can be worn at home for so many hours per day or night. The trays are used with peroxide that can penetrate the enamel of your teeth for good whitening results.

4. Replace Discolored Teeth with Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers can get rid of discolored teeth, but it is one of the more costlier methods for achieving results. Rather than whitening the discolored parts of your teeth, a dentist can file down the enamel and apply porcelain veneers. The veneers are unable to get stained and will look as though they are your actual teeth. The porcelain will only look discolored if you neglect to keep them clean, but brushing them can easily get rid of discoloration.