Do Dental Implants Interfere With Veneers?

Posted on: 19 March 2018

If you've spent time and money getting the look of your smile perfected with dental veneers, chances are you don't want to do anything that will mess it up. However, if you've lost a tooth or need to have a tooth extracted, you might be concerned that the replacement could cause problems for your cosmetic improvements. If you're interested in dental implants, here's what you need to know about how they interact with veneers.

No Overlap

The great thing about dental implants and veneers is that they don't overlap one another. Veneers are a 1:1 ratio with teeth, with one veneer covering one tooth. Unlike partial dentures and bridges, your dental implant will restore a tooth that's either already gone or too sick to be saved, but it won't interfere with the remaining teeth's veneers or their appearance.

Custom Look and Fit

It's understandalbe to be concerned that your new dental implant won't fit in with the veneers. Multiple veneers are designed to flawlessly fit together and make a smile look perfect, but if a tooth goes missing, you could be worried that it will change the overall look of your smile to put a dental implant in its place.

The reality is, dental implants are even more of a custom job than dental veneers are. Your dentist will take measurements and make sure that your new dental implant not only fits your bite perfectly, but will match the overall length and size of the surrounding teeth and their veneers. Since dental implants are made out of the same material as porcelain dental veneers, you also don't need to worry about a textural clash.

Finally, the color can be customized to your exact specifications. You can rest assured that your dental implant will match the shade of your veneers perfectly so that no one can tell the difference.

What To Expect

When you go in to have a dental veneer made, your dentist will carefully clean and examine your mouth. This may include x-rays or another scan to look under your gums at the underlying bone structure. If everything looks normal, your dentist will show you a sample of the shade they will be ordering for your dental implant.

Once the replacement tooth has been ordered, your dentist will prep you to have the titanium peg beneath the tooth installed. This will be surgically implanted into your gums. You will need to take some time to allow the gums to fully heal around the implant before the artificial tooth is placed on top.

Once the tooth is in place, you're ready to go. Your smile will be dazzling once again and there will be no detectable difference between the real teeth covered with veneers and the new dental implant.

Dental implants can restore your smile and take the place of a missing tooth without anyone knowing the difference. If you want to maintain the smile you've had cosmetically improved in the past, look no further than dental implants.