3 Ways to Ensure Your Comfort After a Tooth Extraction

Posted on: 29 October 2021

Teeth extractions are usually the last resort to treat a major infection, severe damage, or the death of a tooth. While nobody wants to lose a tooth, having a tooth extraction isn't the end of the world. Thanks to modern medicine and scientific advancements, you can rest easy knowing that you'll be well taken care of and will have what you need to be comfortable at home. However, maintaining that comfort level is also partially up to you. Here are three things you should be doing at home to stay healthy and comfortable as you recover.

Plan Ahead

Dental extractions are usually planned in advance, so take this opportunity to get ready for it. When you come home from your procedure, you'll have a sutured gum pocket that needs time to relax and heal. Eating normal food can be painful and downright harmful at this stage because you don't want to tear open your sutures.

To plan, stock up on soft or liquid foods in your home before your procedure. Things like soup, mashed potatoes, pureed applesauce, and anything else that's soft or drinkable are good choices. You need to stay hydrated and need nutrients, so buy a balanced selection of foods and have them ready for when you come home.

Don't Suck

When a person has discomfort in their mouth, sometimes sipping through a straw helps, because it can bypass the sensitive area. However, you shouldn't do this after a tooth extraction.

The suction generated in the mouth when you suck on a straw, cigarette, or anything similar can cause a blood clot to dislodge in your gums. This blood clot is partially responsible for keeping your gums from bleeding as they heal, so having it pulled out can end up starting over the healing process all over. It can also increase your risk of infection.

Take Your Medicine On-Time

When you come home from the office, your dentist will likely send some painkillers along with you. You must take your medicine on time and follow the directions. Don't skip doses, even if it means setting an alarm to wake yourself up to take it.

Pain relievers work best when they're taken before the pain becomes severe. Unfortunately, if you miss a dose, you could end up feeling significant discomfort. At this point, some people choose to double up on their pain killers to try and find relief, but this is a bad idea. Taking too many pain killers can be dangerous to your health, and it means having fewer pills to last you through the entire healing process, so make sure not to miss your medication time.

To learn more, contact dentists who perform tooth extractions.