Choosing An Implant For Your Tooth Replacement Solution

Posted on: 4 March 2022

When a person suffers the loss of a tooth, they may not know where to turn or what their options will be for replacing it. This can lead to individuals feeling more stress and uncertainty about this process than is necessary.

It Is Easy to Adapt to Having a Dental Implant​

Many tooth replacement options will rely on bridges or other options that may not feel particularly secure in a patient's mouth. In contrast, dental implants are placed in the jaw, which can allow them to be extremely secure once they have been placed. As a result, individuals will often find that dental implants will feel more like a natural part of their mouth. This can help them to acclimate more quickly to the sensation of having this prosthetic in their mouth, which can be necessary for speaking and chewing normally.

Dental Implants Will Need to Be Periodically Assessed​

Dental implants are among the most durable tooth replacement solutions that can be chosen for your mouth. However, these implants will still need to undergo regular assessments to ensure that they are healing properly and in good condition. During this process, the dentist will inquire about any looseness that you have noticed and they will assess it to ensure that it is still firmly in place. Luckily, this is a process that can be done during your routine cleanings, which can avoid the need for a separate trip. In the event that there is a problem with the implant, you may be referred to a specialist to determine the options for correcting the issue with the implant.

The Artificial Tooth Can Be Removed

A common assumption that people will make about dental implants is that this is a single item. In reality, these implants are typically composed of two parts. The implant itself is a metal rod that is placed in the jaw, but the visible artificial tooth will be a separate component that is attached to the implant. This is an important factor as the artificial tooth is likely to need to be replaced at some point due to wear and damage. However, the ability to remove this tooth can avoid the need for any work to be done to the implant itself. In most cases, this process may only take a few minutes to complete, but it may take up to a week or longer for the replacement artificial tooth to be ready to be placed. 

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