Pediatric Dentistry Helps Prevent Dental Problems And Treats Dental Conditions As Needed

Posted on: 14 April 2023

When your baby's first tooth comes through their gums, it's time to think about taking your baby to the dentist. A pediatric dentist is a good choice since they've had additional training beyond general dentistry that focuses on the dental health and development of babies through teens. Here's why good dental care is so important for young kids and the type of care your child's dentist may recommend.

Pediatric Dentistry Focuses On Prevention

If you start your child on good dental care practices from the time they're a baby, they could have good teeth for life and not develop any dental anxieties. Healthy teeth give your child a pretty smile and the ability to eat and speak properly. Plus, if your child can avoid cavities, they won't have to experience a bad toothache.

Even though baby teeth eventually fall out, it's still important to keep them healthy through proper dental care. They hold space for permanent teeth and allow your child to eat a variety of foods for a healthy diet.

Cavity prevention for kids includes brushing after each meal and before bed. Your child should also see the dentist on the schedule the dentist recommends. Your child's dentist may want you to wash your baby's gums with a washcloth until their teeth erupt. Then you can switch to a baby toothbrush. You probably won't use toothpaste until your child is older.

When you see the dentist regularly, they can provide you with advice and support for each growing phase your baby goes through so their baby teeth stay healthy and the permanent teeth come in strong.

Pediatric Dentistry Also Includes Dental Treatments

Even if your child doesn't get cavities, they may need dental treatments. A dentist might need to treat an injured tooth or straighten teeth when your child is older. A pediatric dentist is trained in treating kids of all ages and temperaments.

When you start taking your baby to the dentist at a young age, your baby gets used to the dentist, the sounds of a dental office, and getting their mouth examined, so future visits aren't frightening for them.

The dentist may recommend fluoride treatments, bonding, and fillings when necessary. The dentist knows age-appropriate treatments, so if your child has a bite problem, they may need to wait until they're older for treatment.

A pediatric dentist can treat your child through their teen years and keep their teeth in good shape so your child is ready to face adulthood with strong, healthy, and attractive teeth.

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