2 Tips For Taking Care Of Your Temporary Crown While Waiting For Your Permanent One

Posted on: 13 December 2019

If you have one or more teeth that have worn enamel or other damage such as cracks or multiple cavities, your dentist may have decided that you should place a crown on each affected tooth after any repairs have been made. However, because your permanent crown must be specially made to fit a particular tooth, you will have a temporary one in place while you wait. Use the tips below to take care of your temporary crown to ensure that it stays in place and intact until you get your permanent one.

1.  Be Mindful of What and How You Eat

When you have a temporary crown, you will need to make some adjustments in what you eat as well as be mindful of how you eat. Because a temporary crown is not tightly adhered to the tooth, it can easily be dislodged if you eat something you should not or eat the wrong way.

While you have the crown, stay away from any foods that are sticky or chewy, such as gum or certain types of bread, as these can pull on the tooth while you are chewing. Also, any hard foods, like candy, can crack the crown, which would leave the underlying, vulnerable tooth exposed to food residue and bacterial growth.

No matter what you eat, even if the food is on an approved list, try to keep the food on the opposite side of your mouth from the crown. This will help keep the pressure off of the crown and decrease your chances of moving or dislodging it.

2.  Change the Way You Floss Around the Crown

Just like your natural teeth, you will need to floss around the crown. However, if you typically pull up on the floss, you may pull the crown off of the tooth when the string catches on the bottom.

Until you get the crown that is permanently attached to your tooth, make sure that you slide the floss between the teeth instead of pulling up on it. You may also want to consider using a water flosser if you believe that you may accidentally pull instead of slide.

Making minor changes in what and how you eat as well as how you floss around the tooth can help to keep your temporary crown intact until you receive your permanent one. If you have any further questions about how to care for temporary crowns, discuss your concerns with your dentist at your next appointment.