Key Considerations When Picking Dental Crown Materials

Posted on: 15 November 2022

Dental crowns are reliable caps that dentists place over chipped or broken teeth and implants. Their role is to enhance the usability and appearance of the compromised teeth. If you are required to get a dental crown, it's crucial to make an informed decision.  

You should pick a material that can meet your requirements. Some materials offer more strength, while others are more cost-effective and aesthetically pleasing. Consider these vital aspects before making a final decision.

Understand the Reason 

To ensure you choose the best crown for your teeth, you should understand why you are getting them in the first place. This determines the best material for your needs. If your reason for buying crowns is cosmetic, you should check if tooth bonding or porcelain veneers are a more suitable and less invasive solution. If not, you can get a crown.

The best thing about getting a crown is that they hold broken teeth together, strengthen the teeth and hold the bridges and implants in place. They will help extend the longevity of the tooth.

Think of the Desired Look

Whether you are choosing a crown for your implants or to cover a broken tooth, think of the appearance. For those who are concerned about cosmetic enhancement, porcelain can be an ideal choice. These crowns provide the most natural look and will work well if you have a metal allergy.

Crowns made of fused metal and porcelain also offer an authentic look. The metal will reinforce the tooth strength, making it a more suitable option for anchoring a bridge. However, the underlying material sometimes shows slightly, depending on an individual's gum line. 

Consider Longevity

Another aspect you cannot overlook when choosing dental crowns is their longevity. Crowns made of gold are the most durable option and don't break, crack, or chip. These crowns also don't cause the deterioration of the opposing teeth compared to other crown materials. 

Although most people don't like gold crowns because of their color, they are an ideal choice, particularly for the back teeth. The material also strengthens the bite and improves one's chewing ability. You may also consider more cost-effective metal crowns for similar benefits.

Check the Price

Insurance plans differ, so before you buy dental crowns, know if your provider will cover the costs or if you have to pay yourself. If you are getting a crown for cosmetic reasons, you might be forced to pay the expenses.

All resin crowns are the most affordable option, but they wear out fast and can get fractured easily. Gold lasts longer but will come at a higher cost. Since more durable materials are costly, you will need to consider your budget before making a choice.

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