Dental Services Your Child Could Require

Posted on: 13 December 2022

A pediatric dentist can be an essential type of professional service for helping your children to avoid some common and serious dental issues. Over the time that your child is growing, there are several different services that you may need from a pediatric dental clinic.

Extracting Teeth To Avoid Dental Crowding

Unfortunately, some children can be very prone to having their teeth crowding each other. When this occurs, it can increase the likelihood of the child developing severe alignment problems that may be very difficult to correct. One solution for avoiding dental crowding can be to extract the excess teeth from your child's mouth. A pediatric dentist may be able to assist you with understanding the likelihood of crowding occurring along with the number of teeth that might have to be extracted in order to prevent this from occurring.

Treating Gum Disease

Gum disease can be a significant issue that can cause your child to develop immediate problems as well as increase the likelihood of them suffering developmental issues as their mouth grows. Unfortunately, children can be somewhat poor at cleaning their teeth regularly, and this may substantially increase the risk that they will develop gum disease at some point. If left untreated, the gum disease could cause severe discomfort and infection as well as potentially cause the loss of teeth. Fortunately, thoroughly cleaning the teeth and the gumlines may be sufficient for reversing these symptoms and allowing the child's gums to heal. As a result, taking your child to regular dental cleanings may be enough to dramatically reduce the likelihood of gum problems developing.

Custom Making Mouthguards

Sports can be an important part of your child's development. However, there are many spots that can put the child at a much higher risk of suffering dental damage. The use of a mouthguard can be an effective tool for helping to protect your child's teeth during these activities. However, the mouthguard will have to perfectly fit the child's teeth to provide optimal protection. Not surprisingly, many parents will choose to take their children to a pediatric dentist to have them fitted for a mouthpiece prior to the start of their sport's season. Due to the rapid growth rate of your child, one of these mouthpieces will need to be made each year to ensure that it is properly fitting the teeth and gums. While this may be an additional step in getting your child ready for their sport, it can save your child from considerable pain and you from major dental bills in the future.

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